For the past several years, a recurring need among our client base has been for additional support in the Contracts/Subcontracts Management and Administration area. We listened and we are excited to announce Allison Hodgins has joined our team to lead our Contracts Management/Administration Consulting practice. Allison is an attorney that has spent her career working in Contracts and Subcontracts Management and Administration for federal contractors, which includes a mixture of small business contractors, not-for-profit research institutes, and one of the largest government contractors in our industry. Her deep knowledge and understanding of the Federal Regulation, as well as practical, hands-on experience with the day-to-day management of contracts and subcontract organizations, has already proven valuable to our clients. With Allison’s leadership in this area, we are able to provide a more focused approach to contractors seeking assistance with contracts related needs, including contract/subcontract preparation, reviews, and negotiation, as well as evaluations and best practice advice for contracts/subcontracts department organizational structure, contract file set up and organization, and policies, procedures and practices. We are honored to have Allison join our team and pleased to be able to offer Allison’s knowledge and experience to our valued clients.