What is a Penny War?

It’s a friendly, spirited fundraising competition between two or more groups. To benefit your team, you want to put pennies in your team’s container and put all other money in the containers of the other teams. At the end of the penny war, each team’s pennies will be counted and all other money will be counted. The total of the other money will be subtracted from the total pennies collected.

: If John puts 5 pennies in his team’s container and Sally puts a nickel in John’s team’s container, that nickel will end up canceling out John’s pennies and his team would be at $0.00.

The team with the highest remaining penny balance will win the Penny War. All money collected will go to No Stomach For Cancer.

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Which Team Will You Choose?

The Penny Punishers

Courtney, Mike, Kimmy, Sheri, Katie, Pamela, Laura, Farida, Heather

Penny Pushers

Asa, Cheryl, Kelli, Karen, Cyndi, Charlie, Kayla, Linda, Daniel

Consultants for Change

Jimmy, Jamie, Jonas, Bob, Suzanne, Jarine, Erica, Christy, Kaitlin

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