Redstone Government Consultants are industry veterans with over 150 years of combined DCAA experience. We understand the unique nuances of its organizational structure and operating procedures. We’ve been in the auditor’s shoes and we share many years of industry management expertise. Our consultants provide unique perspectives; bringing both government and contractor proficiencies to bear and we are committed to serving government contractors. In addition to our consulting and training services, our team develops and publishes a variety of industry materials that are filled with the most relevant and current information for government contractors including our newsletter, whitepapers, and information on cutting edge current events through our blog.

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CAS Applicability Information and Resources
Read about the various aspects of CAS applicability. In these resources, we provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information about DCAA’s CAS coverage. Knowing where your company fits within CAS requirements and coverage levels allows you to make decisions based on your position while staying on top of deadlines ensures you don’t miss any of the standards CAS covers for contractors.

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