An approved DCAA Accounting System opens new business possibilities. Over the past two decades, our team has had a 100% approval rate.

A successful pre-award accounting system audit is the difference between a contract award, costly delays, and even lost opportunities. Preparation for a pre-award audit requires specialized knowledge of unique govcon industry practices, regulations, and government audits. Our team has the knowledge to prepare you rapidly and cost-effectively for the audit. Don’t risk your award or pay for other service providers to research the expertise needed for success.


  • Cost Accumulation – Our team is experienced in determining the proper accumulation of costs within the accounting system by contract, CLIN, SLIN, or indirect cost pool.
  • Cost Segregation – Our consultants are here to ensure your company can properly segregate costs as direct or indirect and allowable or unallowable to comply with government regulations.
  • SF 1408 Timekeeping – We provide confirmation that your timekeeping system is compliant with government rules and expectations. We also assist with timekeeping training and policy development.
  • Exclusion of Unallowable Costs – We provide training and oversight to ensure that any unallowable costs are properly excluded from costs charged to government contracts. We have extensive knowledge of FAR Part 31. 205, expressly unallowable cost criteria.
  • Billing/Invoicing Compliance – We verify that your accounting system can generate billings/invoices compliant with contract terms and conditions and FAR Part 31 Cost Principles. We understand progress payments, milestone payments, billings based on cost, T&M billings, and more.
  • Limitation of Costs/Funds Compliance – We help your team ensure that contract costs are identified and monitored for compliance with the Limitation of Costs and Limitation of funds contract requirements so you don’t violate contract terms and regulations.
  • Audit Binder Development – Following preparation and design, our team prepares an audit binder that is your playbook for the audit linking policies, practices, and system documentation to the regulation and audit program.
  • Review Accounting Systems – At your request, we help your company leadership strengthen your accounting system, confirming that it is functioning and fully operational. We work with many accounting systems and can help you evaluate the system best suited for your size and needs.

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