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Mary Beth Jackson is a Director with Redstone GCI and brings over 30-years of experience and subject matter expertise to our team. She is an experienced industry veteran with a combination of direct experience working for the government, extensive industry experience in large accounting, IT and compliance organizations, as well as experience providing consulting services for many of the largest government contractors. Her combination of experience in senior-level accounting, compliance and IT roles provides for a wealth of background experience and knowledge in regulation (FAR, CAS, DFARS, and other agency supplements), Sarbanes-Oxley, NIST IT and Information Security and many other areas. She frequently assists our clients with strategic initiatives within the accounting, finance, IT and compliance areas include assessment of internal control design and effectiveness, evaluation of DFARS Business Systems, M&A support and post-acquisition integration, and other projects uniquely suited to her background and experience.

Professional Experience

Mary Beth began her career working with DCAA in 1988 and spent nine years with the agency working on incurred cost audits, forward pricing proposals and rate audits, accounting, estimating, and material management and accounting system audits, cost accounting standards, and disclosure statement reviews.

Following her tenure at DCAA, Mary Beth migrated to a large Fortune 500 company where she served in various roles including Compliance Manager for the Defense and Aerospace Division, IT Financial Systems Integration Manager, and Director of IT Governance. In her role as Compliance Manager, Mary Beth spearheaded process improvements to eliminate deficiencies noted by DCAA in the areas of material management and accounting system, estimating system, general accounting system, and cost accounting standard compliance. As IT Financial Integration Manager, Mary Beth designed and implemented global financial applications to enhance the overall financial posture of the company. In 2005, Mary Beth was promoted to Director of IT Governance where she managed the control activities for the IT organization to comply with the Sarbanes Oxley Act. She managed the control framework, which was comprised of IT general controls, application control, security, change management, logical access, and software quality assurance.

Most recently, prior to joining Redstone GCI, Mary Beth was the Enterprise Controller for a major aerospace and defense contractor. Mary Beth was responsible for overseeing the implementation of accounting policies and procedures, producing accurate financial statements, establishing and maintaining the internal control environment while ensuring compliance with US GAAP, applicable standards, and statutory requirements. Her role included maintaining of oversight of complex indirect rate structure, establishment and monitoring of the internal controls framework, and subject matter expert in FAR/CAS. Her diverse range of experience in working for DCAA and in the industry at various levels of management provides a unique perspective for our clients and affords her the ability to objectively view unique challenges of our clients and provide practical advice.


  • BS in Accounting, The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Professional Affiliations

  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association (CISA)