Guiding Government Contractors, Mitigating Risks and Improving Incurred Costs Recovery

Redstone GCI is home to a team of consultants made up of GovCon industry professionals, CPAs, attorneys, and retired government audit and acquisition professionals. Our team began over two decades ago as a small group of individuals focused on providing support to government contractors when dealing with DCAA audit and accounting issues.

Since that time, we have grown to a firm of over thirty full-time employees with a diverse range of skill sets from across the back office, including government audit, software systems, legal, contract management, pricing, data analytics, M&A, government property, HR & employment law, grants regulation for NFPs/IHEs and many other specialties.

The combined depth of our team is unmatched in our industry. We are proud to support over 1,000 clients worldwide with their efforts to provide safety, security, and unmatched research and development through their work with the U.S. Government.

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