Redstone Government Consulting experts assist contractors in navigating the complex requirements of the Service Contract Labor Standards (SCLS), formerly known as the Service Contract Act (SCA). Contracts subject to SCA, now known as the SCLS, have specific labor requirements related to labor category mapping, rate of pay, and benefits (H&W). As a contractor, it is critical to understand the rules and regulations surrounding SCA because non-compliance can be costly, if not devastating. Our team of experts supports contractors, of all sizes, in determining which contracts are subject to SCA while also providing guidance on the daunting requirements and creating and implementing compliant processes customized to your company. We educate and train all involved to foster a firm understanding that will allow for continued efficiencies and success.


  • SCA or SCLS Compliance Assessment – Whether this is your first contract subject to SCA or if you want to eliminate the risk of being non-compliant in your current practices, our consulting experts can evaluate your practices related to the SCA administration and assist with process development and improvement.
  • Labor Category Mapping – Knowing which labor categories at your company are subject to SCA is vital to avoid DOL issues and back-pay. We assist in determining which of your employees is covered by SCA and map to the appropriate Wage Determination labor category.
  • Conformance Process – Wage Determinations are not all-encompassing and often don’t include every possible labor category subject to SCA. However, this doesn’t mean the regulations don’t apply if other labor factors are in play. If a position is not listed on the Wage Determination, we can manage the process of proposing that the position be added.
  • Calculate Health and Welfare (H&W) – Not only is the rate of pay mandated by SCA for covered employees, but the benefits, or the value of the benefits, you offer your employees is also mandated. Our experts will assist you with identifying bona fide benefits and calculating H&W appropriately.
  • Paid Leave – Mandated hours of paid leave is another consideration for contractors with employees subject to SCA. We formulate a customized approach to compliant processes with the SCA’s vacation, holiday, and sick leave requirements.
  • Training – Knowledge is power. Our experts will train your staff on the requirements of the SCA and help each to understand their role in maintaining compliance.
  • Investigation Support – DOL audits can be intimidating and overwhelming. We can support you and your company through the audit process and even serve as the liaison between the contractor and auditor.
  • Calculation of Back Wages – Mistakes happen when administering SCA compliance, but the need for back wages often comes with those mistakes. Our team will help calculate back wages and assist you with effective communication across your company.
  • Price Adjustments – Wage Determinations get updated periodically, and with those updates come changes in contract cost. Upon the incorporation of a new Wage Determination in your contract, we will assist you with the preparation and timely submission of a Price Adjustment so that you recover all contract costs to which you are entitled.

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