Redstone GCI understands the importance of having a compliant and approved EVM System as a government contractor. Our team of experts have extensive backgrounds in the design, implementation, and review of EVM systems so that you are compliant with Regulations, Contract Requirements and DCMA review expectations. We support contractors in designing a system that works for their size and specific needs, using best practices, while also meeting the requirements and demands of government reviewers.


  • Policies and Procedures– Policies and procedures are vital for a compliant EVM system. We can review, enhance, or develop EVMS policies and procedures tailored to your company.
  • Mock Reviews– To strengthen your company’s existing processes, we offer mock reviews of your system, providing you with a gap analysis and report for improvement.
  • DFARS Compliance– To provide expertise on the requirements under DFARS 252.234-7002.
  • DCMA Review Support– Reviews can be intimidating. We can act as a liaison between you and DCMA, or as a supporting team member, during a review and provide much-needed support and guidance through the process.
  • Mitigating DCMA Findings– DCMA does come to perform a review, and contractors are not always prepared. If a review results in findings, we can help you respond and mitigate those findings by developing a corrective action plan that satisfies reviewer expectations.
  • Implementation Assistance – Whether implementing from scratch or corrective actions discovered in a mock review or DCMA review, our experts can help your team implement necessary changes.
  • Training– Knowledge is power. Our experts will provide on-site or virtual training on EVM system requirements and/or expectations, providing your team with the knowledge to manage and maintain the EVM system independently.
  • Internal Review Support– Maintaining a compliant system requires internal oversight and evaluation on a consistent basis. We can serve as your internal reviewer or as part of your internal review team to provide management with perceived risks and compliance issues needing remediation on an ongoing basis.
  • System Integration – It is important that your team works together for EVM success. We help identify integral personnel for an efficient EVM system, which should include personnel in budgeting, accounting, engineering, and program management.

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