For contractors utilizing Unanet ERP & CRM products, the Redstone Government Consulting Unanet team provides guidance, customization services, and training to ensure your company’s set up is efficient, streamlines your operations, and allows you to maintain DCAA compliance. We help by assessing your system, either assisting or spearheading customized reporting, contract management, and even training your staff to oversee your Unanet system. In addition, we have added consulting in areas like structure updates, new contract management, and legal needs.


Strategy & Consulting

  • Unanet System Assessments If you are unsure about your system’s setup, our Unanet experts ensures your accounting processes are running as efficiently as possible. A Unanet system recommendations report identifies areas of risk and potential improvements to the current setup, and includes reporting dashboards for key personnel, recommendations for exports, or other automation with additional business systems like payroll, banking, and pipeline management.
  • Unanet Budgeting & Reporting – If you have developed provisional rates and would like to create GL & project level budgets in Unanet, we can help you update your budgets for continuous monitoring throughout the year. We will review new contract awards, offering guidance on setting up the system for ease of billing and project management, including custom reporting, schedules for key managers email report delivery, new administrative setup items, additional mapping, etc.


  • Project Tracking – When you need to implement or improve your project tracking needs, we can assist with contract management, exporting data for GL and payroll systems, and time and/or expense system. Even if you have limited budgeting capabilities, we have decades of experience in ensuring your system is set up correctly for DCAA compliance
  • Project & Financial Portfolios – We understand that in government contracting, budgeting and project billing must be precise. We can assist with your Time and/or Expense System, ensuring your portfolio project management is functioning correctly, that budgeting is complete at all levels, and set up your project billing to include cost plus contracts and recalculations.


  • Custom Processes & Guides – We provide training for both established and new team members. We work with you to produce desktop processes customized for each client. All functional areas can be documented, including AP, AR, Project Management, Billing, HR, etc.
  • In-Person Training – When you hire a controller or project manager who is new to Unanet, we will provide guidance to key on budget updates and dashboard setup and training on company processes for new employees of all types, from AP/AR users to full system administrators.

Special Projects

  • Specialized Services – We offer a variety of specialized services, including the implementation, financial updates, and data transition when adding a new legal entity and customized file exporting for banking, payroll, Nacha, or other outside system processing for quicker and automated processing, and Positive Pay file. In addition, we have experience in company structure updates and consolidations, custom reporting, and can provide crucial advice in onboarding new contracts, with staff and resource planning.
  • Custom Reporting – Many companies have Excel spreadsheets or reports they use that are not standard within Unanet. Our staff can help translate those spreadsheets and reports into custom BI reports ensuring your company receives the correct data necessary for business decisions. Our goal is to keep you out of excel for all your reporting deliverables.
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