The Redstone GCI team of specialists guide government contractors through the intricate requirements of an approved government purchasing system. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from educating clients on government procurement regulations and best practices to identifying potential CPSR compliance gaps in current practices. Additionally, we craft procurement manuals and provide steadfast support during Government Contractor Purchasing System Reviews. The depth of our services is tailored to each contractor’s risk profile, ranging from high-level policy reviews to in-depth services like procedure development, purchase file documentation analysis, and staff training.


  • Review Services – We offer years of experience and expertise in reviewing existing policies and procedures, procurement processes, purchasing, and subcontract files to enhance and mature your purchasing system.
  • Policy and Procedures – Policies and procedures are vital for a compliant purchasing system. We can review, enhance, or develop new purchasing policies and procedures tailored to your company.
  • Commercial Item Determination – Our experienced consultants focus on consolidating all of the information relative to the FAR definition, similar to the product and/or service, non-government sales data, market research, and pricing to meet Government regulations and provide the proper support in a proposal to the government.
  • Purchasing System Assessments – To strengthen your team’s existing processes, we offer an assessment of your system, providing you with gap analyses and recommendations for improvement.
  • Implementation Assistance – Whether starting from scratch or when corrective actions are discovered in an assessment or DCMA evaluation, our experts can help your team implement necessary changes.
  • Analyze Processes – We can analyze and draft your procurement processes, purchasing and subcontract file structure and recommend improvements to ensure compliance with Federal and DoD regulations.
  • Form Preparation – For those organizations looking for more in-depth support, we can prepare forms and checklists to use in purchasing and subcontracting files and provide you with guidance on the level of documentation and support expected by the government.
  • Contractor Purchasing System Review Audit Support – Government Audits and Review can be intimidating. Our experts can support your staff during CPSR reviews to ensure you understand the government requests and respond appropriately.
  • Training – We offer seminars (both on-site and web-based) on purchasing system requirements and CPSR expectations, providing your team with the knowledge to manage and maintain your purchasing system independently.

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