Redstone Government Consulting will work with your team on all aspects program management, from cost control and compliance, to successfully communicating with government contracting officials and budgeting personnel.


The Redstone Government Consulting team has twenty-plus years in providing program management services across all contract types, and dealing with both NASA and DoD customers. We can educate and assist your team, and provide staff augmentation to help with program control, compliance and risk.


  • Understanding Requirements: We ensure you understand the reporting and data collection requirements as stated in contract/subcontract. Ensure all contractual financial reports are accurate and on-time.
  • Develop tools and reports: We can develop or assist in developing reporting tools to meet requirements.
  • NASA 533 Cost Report: Provide assistance in developing NASA’s cost report. Whether it is required monthly or quarterly, we can help you stay on track with this NASA-specific report.
  • Government Personnel Communication: We can provide support in communicating and negotiating with contracting officers, technical representatives and budgeting personnel. Our staff has experience in dealing with complex procurement issues.
  • Educating Team Members: We have extensive experience in training staff in all aspects of program control/management.
  • Work with Program Management Staff: We can work with program managers and operations staff to monitor program financial/contractual activities for compliance and risk.
  • Month End Activities: We can analyze and reconcile cash flow, unbilled, profitability and schedule to validate current project/program status.

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