Not all reporting tools are created equal. Often, the reporting you need to run your business effectively is lacking, challenging to attain, and cumbersome. The Redstone GCI team creates custom reports for government contractors of all sizes, so you have the required data and reporting you need to do your job better. With low startup costs and a powerful platform, we can deliver industry-leading reports to your organization quickly and efficiently.

Our team not only creates reports, but we also help with the adoption process, introducing a method of change management to your reporting efforts and unifying your data into actionable business visualization. We also teach and train your staff on your report-writing tool’s best practices and technical aspects so that your reporting can change as you and your company change. Additionally, we understand the need to keep your indirect rates competitive. We work with you and your team to find the most cost-efficient approach to custom reporting, including utilizing software licenses you already own in your organization.


  • Power BI – Power BI’s strength lies in its ability to provide a unified and seamless analytics tool for users. With its deep integration with the Microsoft 365 platform, using Power BI as your analytic tool keeps your data in an environment your IT team works in daily to stay compliant with government regulations applied to contractors. It has the power to ingest large datasets from a wide swath of data sources, enabling users to consolidate, transform, and report.
  • Unanet Analytics – Unanet’s project management focus is ideal for day-to-day project management and data reporting, but the Unanet Analytics tool opens up capabilities to perform advanced reporting to increase the usefulness of data access available to the organizations.
  • Deltek Cognos – Deltek Costpoint standard reports are helpful and useful, but every organization is unique, and standard reports provided by Deltek don’t always fulfill the needs of an organization’s management team. Enter Cognos. Cognos is a powerful reporting tool that allows customization of any reporting needs out of a Deltek system to ensure management has the precise tools to make crucial decisions. It also has the ability to intake data sources.


  • Report Requirement Creation – Our experts listen to your reporting needs and requirements and work with your team in building the purpose for the report, incorporating industry standards, defining user expectations, report delivery, and security to deliver a report that can be used immediately for actionable results.
  • Custom Report Training – We understand that reporting needs to evolve over time. We provide hands-on training to your team, focusing on turning your business data into actionable data that can be used in your organization so your reporting never gets stale or irrelevant.
  • Creation of Custom Report(s) – Most companies’ problems are not the lack of data but rather access to that data and the reporting that consolidates and streamlines that data for daily use. Our team of experts will transform your various data sources (Excel, Costpoint, Unanet, and QuickBooks) into useful analytics and visualizations that are easy to access, read, and interpret.
  • Modifications of Existing Custom Reports – Even though your company may already be using a solution, your team may have limited time and resources to modify or update vital reporting. We support government contractors by modifying your existing reports to include improvements and use our industry knowledge to your benefit.
  • Existing Report Assessment – Mistakes happen, and data changes or becomes outdated. Our consultants can thoroughly review your current reporting solution from the data source to final report delivery and security so that you are confident in the quality of your data reporting.
  • License Utilization – Redstone GCI takes a holistic approach to our custom reporting projects to ensure your current software licensing is best utilized to keep costs down as report needs scale throughout your organization. Powerful reporting will spread through an organization, allowing it to make better decisions, but costs need to be understood and controlled as the utilization of new reporting gains traction across the organization.

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