Redstone Government Consulting’s team has extensive experience as users, implementers, and controllers in Quickbooks desktop and online software solutions. Depending on your unique circumstances, we will assist you with a customized strategy, design, and review or restructuring of Quickbooks. Our experts can also assist with training, implementation, and long-term post-implementation support. We often provide our clients with recurring outsourced services for Quickbooks and special projects as needed.


Strategy & Consulting

    • Review/Restructuring – We can review your existing system, determine the requirements for DCAA compliance, and implement support for the recommended changes. We can also assess your current use of data and functionality to leverage tools in QuickBooks for job structuring, class codes, and more to help ensure you’re collecting and utilizing data more efficiently and effectively.
    • Program Controls­ – Having trouble getting good data on cumulative costs, current period costs, and tracking funding runway on projects? Our team can help fill this gap for you.


    • QuickStart – Have you received a contract award or an impending contract award and need to quickly prepare for the DCAA Pre-Award survey (SF 1408)? We can get you ready in 2 – 3 weeks, even if there are historical data issues. This is ideal for existing businesses new to SF1408 requirements. We can help you with rapid stand-up of standardized Quickbooks files with sample data and standardize your policy documents. We can also sample supporting documents to facilitate a system walkthrough.
    • Setups & Implementation – Do you need help planning and implementing a structure to track your business? Whether it be different lines of service, different locations, setting up payroll, establishing a compliant chart of accounts, building processes, or even catching up on historical information, we can assist.


    • Training – Are you ready to add new in-house accounting staff and need help getting them up to speed? Is your team new to government contracting and needs guidance on the requirements specific to the industry? We can provide hands-on training in different accounting systems and general accounting best practices and procedures.

Special Projects

    • Troubleshooting – Is something in QuickBooks not working the way you anticipated? Problems with a particular account reconciliation? Payroll issues? Job Ledger not making sense? Problems with transaction imports and matching? Our team can jump in on an as-needed basis to assist with these common problems.
    • Process Improvement – Are you having trouble getting financials timely each month? Are you finding many errors in your data? Is your payroll reconciliation process non-existent or taking too long? Do you need a way to calculate indirect rates? Our team can assess your current processes and provide clear recommendations on improvements to get accurate results faster so that you can effectively manage and grow the business. Once you’ve decided on a path, we can also assist your team in implementing the changes.
    • Custom Reporting – Many companies have Excel spreadsheets or reports they use that are not standard within QuickBooks. Our staff can help translate those spreadsheets and reports into custom BI reports ensuring your company receives the correct data necessary for business decisions. Our goal is to keep you out of excel for all your reporting deliverables.

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