Redstone GCI’s approach to outsourced accounting is based on decades of experience seeing clients utilize outsourced models from CPA firms and bookkeepers. A common problem is that these models only support the outsourced provider’s bottom line, not your company’s growth. We approach outsourcing collaboratively and are just as happy to train your team as we are to take on a full-service role. Going into every engagement, we plan for the transition by developing policies, work instructions, and templates to easily transition to your full-time employee(s) when the time is right. This process ensures you are building the internal knowledge to take your company to the next stage of growth. As your company grows, we’ll still be there to support the next compliance, HR, contract management, or audit challenge.


  • Accounting Risk Analysis – We can review your existing financials and accounting policies/procedures and provide a written report of recommendations for general accounting best practices and DCAA- compliance.
  • Full Scope of GovCon Accounting Software Support – We have Certified Advisors on staff to help with all of your needs, including implementation, system optimization, DCAA compliance, SF-1408 pre-award preparation, project controls, custom reporting, system cleanup and troubleshooting.
  • Outsourced Accounting – Need help with payables processing, invoicing, payroll, or other day-to-day needs? Let our highly-trained outsourced accounting team handle one or all of these for you – whether as a longer-term solution or for just gap/surge support.
  • Financial Compliance – Not sure what is required for your annual business personal property return? Not enough time to mess with 1099 filing? We can handle these sorts of requirements for you.
  • Monthly Close – Closing the books each period is critical to maintaining a DCAA-compliant accounting system, and it’s so much more than just reconciling the bank accounts. We can perform this for you to help ensure that management receives accurate data timely and provide standard financial reporting, including indirect rate calculations.
  • Controller Support – If your team can handle the day-to-day accounting and monthly close, but you need that additional level of oversight, we can review the completed close each period and provide a written report of any findings and recommended corrections.
  • CFO Support – Do you need a better understanding of how your business is performing? Are you monitoring working capital, cash reserves, and other critical business metrics? Is there clarity on how the Profit & Loss performance corresponds to the cash in the bank? Do you need assistance with forecasting? Our experienced senior staff can help to fill this role.
  • Cleanup – Do you know there are issues with your financial data carrying forward from historical periods but don’t have the bandwidth or know the best approach to fix it? We can help identify and correct errors in the financial statements and subsidiary ledgers, including job cost ledgers, to facilitate DCAA compliance and help ensure accurate data reporting to management and provide a clean foundation for accounting in the future.
  • Process Improvement – Are you having trouble getting financials in a timely fashion each month? Are you finding many errors or lack confidence in your data? Is your payroll reconciliation process non-existent or taking too long? Do you need a way to calculate indirect rates? Our team can assess your current processes and provide clear recommendations on improvements to get accurate results faster so that you can effectively manage and grow the business. Once you’ve decided on a path, we can also assist your team in implementing the changes.
  • Training – Are you ready to add new in-house accounting staff and need help getting them up to speed? Is your team new to government contracting and needs guidance on the requirements specific to the industry? We can provide hands-on training in different accounting systems and general accounting best practices and procedures. Supporting Clients on QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online (QBO), Unanet, Xero, Ajera, Deltek Costpoint, and many more.

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