Serving Government Contractors With a Dedicated Team of Industry Veterans and the Brightest New Talent

Redstone Government Consultants are a team of the most senior industry veterans and the brightest new talent in the industry. Many of our staff members are former DCAA and GovCon industry executives. These senior staff members work side-by-side with our staff and managers, bringing significant accounting and software experience and fresh perspectives, inspiration, and energy to our team. We provide a unique perspective through our leadership and combined experience, bringing both government and contractor proficiencies to bear and ensuring rock-solid government compliance for our clients.

Courtney Edmonson - Redstone GCI

Chief Executive Officer

Asa Gilliland - Redstone GCI

President & Director

Lori Beth Moses - Redstone GCI

Chief Administrative Officer

Kimmy Basden - Redstone GCI

Managing Consultant

John David Baugher - Redstone GCI

Senior Managing Consultant

Jamie Brabston - Redstone GCI

Director/Senior Legal Consultant

Rebecca Brown - Redstone GCI

Learning Management System Administrator

Sheri Buchanan - Redstone GCI

Director – Human Resources Consulting

Senior Managing Consultant

Jonas Clem - Redstone GCI

Senior Managing Consultant

Adam Cole - Redstone GCI

Senior Consultant

Katie Donnell - Redstone GCI

Unanet Practice Lead

Linda Scalf - Redstone GCI

Senior Human Resources Consultant

Hannah Gilliam - Redstone GCI

Human Resources Consultant

Pamela Greer - Redstone GCI

Director of Costpoint Consulting

Scott Henry - Redstone GCI

Senior Managing Consultant

Laura Keith Redstone GCI

Senior Managing Consultant

Simon Lindley - Redstone GCI

Senior Managing Consultant

Dylan McMurrey - Redstone GCI

Senior Consultant

Accounting Administrator

Jarine Payne - Redstone GCI

Administrative Specialist

Costpoint Consultant

Michael Steen - Redstone GCI

Emeritus Advisor

Heather Stroud - Redstone GCI

Managing Costpoint Consultant

Senior Managing Consultant

Instructional Designer and LMS Developer

Darryl Walker - Redstone GCI

Emeritus Advisor

Mackenzie Ary - Redstone GCI

Administrative Specialist

Human Resources Consultant

LaDonna Wottel - Redstone GCI

Managing Consultant


Former Chairman of the Board