For many small contractors, the step up to a complete ERP seems daunting. Limited resources and small-scale teams lead small businesses to believe that a third-party accounting tool is the only option. But with the Deltek Pro Bookkeeper Partner Program, a partnership with the experts at Redstone GCI enables even the smallest contracting teams to increase data accuracy, improve compliance, and expand bookkeeping services, all for less than the cost of a full-time bookkeeper. With over 20 years of experience, Redstone GCI can offer the perfect combination of Deltek Costpoint expertise, insight into the unique needs of small businesses, and deep comprehension of the government contracting industry.


  • Expert Support – Deltek solutions are the gold standard ERP for contracting companies, and through the Deltek Pro Bookkeeper Partner Program, we offer the knowledge and support you need to maintain the same level of data and compliance as larger contracting firms.
  • Integrated Accounting Tool – Without the clunkiness of 3rd party accounting software, your company’s operational data is smoothly integrated for ease of management and increased accuracy.
  • Multitude of Reporting Services – Take advantage of all the data available to contractors, from time and expense to month-end information. More extensive processing and reconciliation options allow your company to create detailed reports, increasing your precision and profitability.
  • Improve Data Redundancy – Decrease human error and associated redundancy by limiting data entry and staff expense.
  • Maintain Clear Compliance – Redstone GCI understands small businesses’ concerns regarding maintaining compliance. With the depth of data and documentation, your team will find maintaining compliance with all government agencies much easier.
  • Quick Return on Investment – With the savings in staffing costs and improved efficiency, Redstone GCI, a Deltek Pro Bookkeeper partner, helps your team to recuperate your investment while adding information necessary to expand your business.
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