For organizations seeking to leverage Unanet ERP & CRM systems to their fullest potential, the Redstone Government Consulting team offers a partnership covering the entire spectrum from discovery through system launch. Our guided, hands-on process minimizes the time your team needs to spend on data migration and system setup, enabling a smoother transition and quicker go-live. With over 20 years of expertise in contract and proposal management, our consultants understand pipeline management, proposal management, relationship management, and past performance. Our team of seasoned experts, certified in both Unanet CRM & ERP, ensures that both systems are seamlessly integrated and mutually beneficial. We focus on empowering your team to utilize the CRM to its full capabilities, providing comprehensive training and testing to guarantee optimal performance and enhanced operational efficiency.


Strategy & Consulting

  • Unanet CRM System Assessments We offer comprehensive reviews to refine and improve your CRM operations. Our assessment identifies areas for improvement and risk, providing actionable recommendations for system enhancements, including advanced reporting capabilities and strategic automation integrations. Our team highlights critical areas for potential upgrades and integration, ensuring your CRM aligns perfectly with your business processes and objectives.
  • Unanet CRM System Configuration Strategy – Tailored to meet your unique business requirements, our strategy sessions help optimize your Unanet CRM’s configuration. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and craft a strategy that leverages Unanet CRM’s features to improve your business operations and customer relationship management.
  • Unanet CRM Integrations Consulting – Enhance your CRM’s capability through smart integrations. Our consulting services guide you in seamlessly connecting Unanet CRM with essential business applications. From financial systems to GovWin, we ensure your CRM works harmoniously with other platforms to streamline workflows, reduce redundancy and improve data quality.


  • Unanet CRM Implementations – Maximize the power of Unanet CRM with our strategic implementation services. Our team ensures every feature is optimized to improve your business processes and deliver comprehensive system benefits.
  • Development of Reports & Widgets for Management – Our custom development of reports and widgets for Unanet CRM equips managers with essential analytics tools, improving insight and enhancing strategic decisions.


  • Development of Custom Processes & Standard Operation Procedures – Our team specializes in developing tailored processes and Standard Operating Procedures that optimize workflow efficiency and maintain regulatory compliance across your organization.
  • Customized Training – We offer specialized training sessions designed for employees, teams, and executive management, ensuring everyone is proficient in using new systems and processes to their full potential.

Special Projects

  • Dedicated Technical Support – Receive dedicated ongoing support for your Unanet CRM system, ensuring operational continuity and expert assistance as needed.
  • Comprehensive QA & Testing – We conduct thorough quality assurance and testing to ensure your Unanet CRM and systems meet the highest standards of reliability, performance and compliance before deployment.
  • Tailored Reporting Tools – We create custom reporting that allows you to visualize and analyze data exactly how you need it, driving better business outcomes.
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