Redstone GCI assists clients with preparation, review and DCAA audit defense of incurred cost submissions and has almost three decades of experience assisting clients all over the world with the ICS process. We frequently assist with first-time preparation for both traditional and non-traditional contractors utilizing proprietary processes for review designed to insulate from audit risks. We maintain a staff of Costpoint experts and experts in preparation and defense of incurred cost issues, which provides comprehensive expertise to our client base in the incurred cost submission area.


Consultants familiar with contract payment clauses will assist you in:

  1. Preparing or reviewing your year-end Incurred Cost Proposals for adequacy
  2. Providing assistance and advice during Incurred Cost Proposal audits
  3. Assist in the defense against auditor questioned cost resulting from and Incurred Cost Proposal audit.
  4. Developing provisional indirect billing rates that meet expectations of FAR 42.704 and DCAA audit expectations
  5. Preparing invoices, facilitating contract close-out actions, interpreting invoicing requirements, and assisting in overcoming payment issues with the government.

Our experts can prepare your incurred cost proposals, regardless of the complexity of the direct and indirect cost structure, critique your final product for DCAA adequacy attributes, or review your proposal to determine if unallowable costs are included. Moreover, we can serve as your contracts billing specialist in fulfilling all other regulatory requirements during the life cycle of your government contract.

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