The Redstone HR Consulting team offers a variety of services to small and large employers, with a focus on government contractors. Our services range from comprehensive compliance solutions to the management of daily HR functions. We are happy to tailor our services to meet your individual needs. The HR team can work alongside you to accomplish specific tasks, identify compliance gaps, revamp your HR staff’s current position(s) or start from scratch in developing a Human Resources function within your organization that is effective and compliant. With over 50 years of combined HR and employment law experience, our consultants are uniquely qualified to support you in any situation that may arise.


We offer the following services focusing on compliance and risk assessment coupled with special consideration of your organization’s specific goals and individual culture:

  • Comprehensive Assessment of HR Function
    • Our HR consultants will thoroughly review your current HR structure and functions. The focus of this review will be related to the federal laws and regulations that govern all areas of HR compliance, with a specialized focus on federal contractor compliance where applicable. For example, wage and hour issues, leave administration, recruitment and hiring practices, and affirmative action are just a few of the issues our HR team will review in this Comprehensive Audit. We will guide you through each step of this process by submitting detailed requests for relevant information and regularly meeting with your team to discuss the progress. You will be provided with a comprehensive written report of the findings of the comprehensive audit. These results provide decision-makers with the information necessary to evaluate areas that need improvement (if any). The report will suggest methods to increase efficiency and ensure your organization provides the best services and benefits to your employees while maintaining compliance and risk mitigation where necessary.
    • Our HR team also offers a gap analysis as an alternative to a full, comprehensive HR assessment. This analysis will help to reveal any areas of concern that may need to be altered or corrected, which will be included in our detailed report.
  • Policies, Procedures and Handbook Review, and Development
    • Our HR consultants will review your Handbook and other policies and procedures and suggest additions or edits while keeping your organization’s goals and culture in mind. State and federal laws, FAR guidelines, and trends within your industry will all be incorporated where applicable.
    • If your organization does not currently have a handbook, our HR consultants would be happy to work with you to develop one that meets compliance requirements as well as integrates with your company’s individual needs and culture.

Our HR consultants can guide you through compliance practices required by the OFCCP including but not limited to job posting requirements, data collection requirements, and workplace posting requirements.

  • Affirmative Action Plans
    • A major part of OFCCP compliance is the requirement for covered contractors to complete Affirmative Action Plans. Utilizing a team approach and your data, our consultants can create AAPs for your organization that are complete and accurate.
  • Written Affirmative Action Plans (AAP) and Analysis
    • Written Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs) are a requirement of every federal contractor and subcontractor who has 50 or more employees and meets certain federal contract dollar thresholds. Three AAPs are required: Executive Order 11246 AAP (for minorities and women), an AAP covering Protected Veterans, and an AAP covering Individuals with Disabilities.
    • Through several analytics, the AAPs made available by Redstone will provide the contractor with a picture of their current workforce related to minority, gender, veteran, and disability status. This then provides the contractor the blueprint to follow to achieve any required goals and prevent potential problems.
  • Adverse Impact and Standard Deviation Analysis
    • Contractors are required to analyze personnel actions to determine if there are indicators of discrimination. The adverse impact and standard deviation analysis is a first-line step to determine if discrimination might have occurred in personnel Contractors must implement corrective actions (make-whole remedy) if discrimination occurred or be able to explain to the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) why the actions were not discriminatory if adverse impact is found.
    • From this analysis, we provide a thorough consultation to discuss the following:
      • identification of potential problems;
      • assistance with which records to analyze; and
      • implementation of corrective
  • Progress toward Goals Analysis
    • Contractors are required to set utilization goals for minorities, women, and individuals with disabilities. They are required to set hiring/placement goals for protected veterans. The Progress toward Goals Analysis is required to determine if the contractor is meeting these goals or making progress toward them. It also helps determine if good faith recruitment efforts are adequate and helps determine if the selection process should be reviewed for discrimination.
  • Compensation Analysis
    • Contractors are required to ensure that there is no discrimination in This requires the contractor to analyze its compensation policies and practices, and also includes conducting a compensation analysis to determine if discrimination may be occurring based on several protected factors. If there are disparities in pay between groups of employees, the contractor must review personnel records to see if discrimination actually occurred. If so, corrective actions must be implemented. Contractors must be able to provide to OFCCP the documentation of its analysis.
  • Audit Support

Our team of HR consultants can provide onsite training, online training, or assist you in developing your own training to meet the needs of your employees. Our consultants’ broad range of knowledge and experience allows us to offer a variety of training topics.

  • Areas of Training
    • General HR for Government Contractors
    • Service Contract Labor Standards (SCLS)/ Service Contract Act (SCA) Compliance
    • Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) Compliance
    • Preventing Sexual and Other Workplace Harassment
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance
    • Diversity and Sensitivity Training
    • Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance
    • Corporate Ethics Programs
    • Recruitment to Hire Processes
    • Importance of Labor Category Mapping and Documentation
    • Performance Management, Appropriate Communication and Documentation
    • Discipline and Documentation
    • Industry Best Practices
    • Drug Free Workplace and Testing for Suspicion
    • Human Trafficking
  • Comprehensive HR Services
    • Our team can provide comprehensive HR services to your organization. We will gladly carry out recruiting, I-9 management, E-Verify processing, and the onboarding process. This service can be scaled to meet your individual needs. Our consultants are also available to support and guide clients with day-to-day decisions related to hiring, disciplinary issues, leave requests and a myriad of other HR-related queries.
  • Benefit Management
    • Redstone HR consultants are available to work with you to create a strong, competitive benefits package that fits within your compensation plan. Consultants will utilize their knowledge of the latest trends in the industry to develop a practical yet unique package that will set your organization apart to meet your recruiting and retention goals.
    • Our consultants are also available to prepare a “Wrap Plan” for your health and welfare benefit programs that are subject to DOL, ERISA, COBRA and IRS compliance to simplify your reporting requirements.
  • Workload Assistance
    • We realize that organizations change rapidly, including their needs. If you are in a time of change with excess work, Redstone consultants can bridge the gap until a more permanent solution is implemented. We would be happy to assist your HR function in any way possible.
  • Analysis
    • Our HR Team will review your current compensation structure to help you determine your compliance with federal regulations, assess internal pay equity and address competitiveness within the market. Our consultants will walk you through the potential issues that could arise if an audit were to occur. We will provide solutions to ensure those issues are eliminated.
  • Executive Compensation
    • Our HR Team works closely with a Redstone Director and previous DCAA auditor to evaluate executive compensation for reasonableness and allowability in compliance with FAR 31.205-6 and consideration of market competitiveness.
  • Planning
    • Our consultants will develop a comprehensive Compensation Program with consideration of the requirements and expectations of DCAA as well as the various national and state laws to include the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). In addition, the internal needs and structure required to support the growth and development will be measured while maintaining compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 31. Our consultants will work with you through each phase of the process to ensure the project meets your goals and expectations.
  • Proposal Support
    • Our HR Team can evaluate upcoming proposals, provide labor category mapping, and, utilizing well-respected compensation data, assist with determining appropriate base labor rates.
    • If Service Contract Labor Standards (SCLS)/Service Contract Act (SCA) is applicable, we will assist with appropriate mapping to the Directory of Occupations and Wage Determination as well as identifying and explaining SCA-specific requirements that may impact proposal pricing.
    • Our HR Team will work with you to develop a customized and comprehensive Total Compensation Plan.

Redstone HR consultants can manage the task of contract transitioning for your organization. We can assist with all stages of the process from pre to post award. We will work alongside your organization to transition your workforce effectively and efficiently.

  • Our HR consulting team can support covered employers by evaluating current practices and policies related to the administration of the SCA and provide assistance with process development and improvement. Our consultants can also help by determining price adjustments, back wage calculations, and conformances when needed. Additionally, we can perform labor category mapping to ensure employees are placed in the correct occupational category.
  • Our team can train your employees on SCA Compliance. We will cover basic knowledge as well as highlight important topics such as pay requirements and fringe benefits.
  • Redstone consultants have years of first-hand experience working in house and alongside clients in response to government audits with Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. Our highly trained staff has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you successfully prepare for and respond to an audit.
  • Our HR consultants are available to assist you in responding to Charges of Discrimination from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as well as related state agencies that handle similar claims.
  • HR Investigations
    • Lead by our in-house Labor Law Attorney, our HR consulting team is uniquely qualified to perform investigations into any HR related issue such as complaints of discrimination, harassment or retaliation, as well as other workplace related issues. As a neutral third party, our consultants will gather all relevant documentation, interview witnesses, and create a thorough, fact and evidence-based report.
  • Whistleblower/Ethics Related Investigations
    • With a background in labor law and legal investigations, our consultants are experienced and available to conduct investigations of whistleblower complaints, potential improper business practices or concerns related to alleged violations of ethics laws.
Our consultants are available to partner with you to create a corporate ethics program with policies tailored to your workforce, governance needs, and business objectives that will promote a company-wide culture of ethical behavior in compliance with relevant statutes and guidance.

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