CAS provisions can include complex and ambiguous parameters. Our professionals, have worked with CAS regulations as both auditors and consultants and can perform any level of services to avert potential compliance problems. Our services include evaluating contracting environment for CAS subjectivity, preparing your CASB Disclosure Statement, testing your accounting system for compliance with individual standards, evaluating changes in cost accounting practices, preparing cost impact statements, and resolving issues with DCAA and administrative contracting offices.


Redstone Government Consulting staff includes career industry and audit professionals who provide a holistic perspective when drafting and implementing disclosure statements and evaluating potential cost accounting changes and other administrative provisions of CAS. Our consultants serve as a force multiplier to your staff to provide assurance, solutions, and audit-readiness.


The RGCI Consulting team provides services in the following areas:

  • CAS Determination
    • Identification of contracts with CAS-applicability and level of CAS-Coverage
    • Develop POA&M based on level of coverage and CAS-standard effective date
  • Disclosure Statement
    • Development of initial DS-1 and evaluation of proposed disclosure statement revisions for compliance and completeness
  • CAS-specific policy and procedure development
    • Training and employee awareness to ensure effective implementation
  • General Dollar Magnitude (GDM) Proposals
    • Preparation of General Dollar Magnitude (GDM) proposals and subject matter expertise in the evaluation of GDM proposals
    • Draft rationale which supports a determination of an immaterial accounting practice changes.
  • Change in Cost Accounting Practice
    • Analysis of potential change in accounting practice to determine if a change is required, unilateral or desirable and identification of appropriate next steps.
    • Perform Detailed cost-impact (DCI) calculations due to accounting practice changes
    • Preparation of DCI proposals in compliance with FAR Part 30

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