The Redstone GCI team can assist your organization with a proactive approach to leading your teams through upcoming change. Whether implementing a significant system change or simply experiencing change by taking on a new contract and assembling a new team, any change can introduce tension into an organizational system. Organizational Change Management provides a proactive methodology for managing the impact on the organization and its operations.


  • Planning and Strategy for Change – Beginning with the end in mind, it is crucial to articulate the reasons behind the change being introduced to the organization. Our team works with your team leadership to create an Organizational Change Management strategy that aligns with your initiative.
  • Personnel Interviews and Assessment of Risk – Organizational Change Management is all about bringing the team along as the change is rolled out. Our team conducts interviews with the cross-functional stakeholders to pinpoint key areas most critical for applying Organizational Change Management. We then provide touchpoints regularly through the course of the change to assess the effectiveness of the change program.
  • Organizational Change Management Basics Training – Although key to the success of any initiative, Organizational Change Management is still not something that everyone is familiar with. Introducing the concept and developing a common terminology around managing change can enhance the success of project teams that are spearheading initiatives within your organization.
  • Leadership Through Change Training – Deeper dive training on change management tools and techniques for team leads and organization leaders can equip them to effectively recognize and address resistance to change, increase adoption, and minimize the potential negative impacts of transition.
  • Objective Eyes and Ongoing Coaching through Change – The Redstone GCI team can provide oversight and advisement as the change program is executed.

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