At Redstone GCI, we understand that the decision to implement a new accounting system is one of the most critical decisions a company will make, and it is essential to do it right the first time. We also understand that questions do not end just because your system has gone live but can continue as processes improve and businesses grow or change. Our team of experts has more than 40 years of experience providing strategy, consulting, design, and implementation services to clients. With such a wide variety of experience, our team is well equipped to ensure your system will produce the results you need.


Strategy & Consulting

  • System Design, Configuration, and Implementation – We work with your team in designing a Costpoint solution that meets your company’s requirements and processes, including migrating data from your current system into Costpoint.
  • System Review – We offer a complete system review and health check of your Costpoint system, including review of the main structures, a review of all subledgers and project ledger against the general ledger, a review of month-end and periodic processes and utilities, and a review of prior year balance roll-forwards


  • Costpoint Add-On Modules– Whether it is the payroll module, employee self-service, expense reports, fixed assets, or purchasing, we have the resources to help your company implement and get the most out of the multiple add-on modules available in Costpoint.
  • DCAA Audit Prep and Support – We work with our clients to prepare and obtain the reports /deliverables needed for various types of audits, including System Reviews, Incurred Cost, SCA, 401k, Dept. of Labor, and more. We have worked with many clients to ensure their systems are set up to efficiently and effectively provide any required audit documentation.
  • Custom Reporting – Many companies have Excel spreadsheets or reports they use that are not standard within Costpoint. Our staff can help translate those spreadsheets and reports into custom BI reports ensuring your company receives the correct data necessary for business decisions. Our goal is to keep you out of excel for all your reporting deliverables.


  • Training and Desktop Procedures – Training is critical for a variety of reasons; recent transition to Costpoint, recent system upgrades to Costpoint, the addition of new Costpoint modules, new personnel, or simply the fact that a refresher course is needed. Our training provides clients with desktop procedures that can be customized to a client’s specific processes and used going forward to help reinforce the training or get new hires up to speed.

Special Projects

  • Ongoing Technical Support – Our ongoing support services will cover your team and the Costpoint system from top to bottom. We can assist clients in project structure design, changes to pool structures or billing/revenue formulas, creating custom billing formats, performing reconciliations, diagnosing system errors, and more.
  • Full Scope of GovCon Accounting Software Support – Redstone GCI’s team can provide full back-office support for all Costpoint transactional services, from processing labor to billing/invoicing to preparing final month-end financials and much more. We can perform all the standard accounting department services, so you don’t have to worry about it. We can even provide outsourcing for key positions temporarily or on an ongoing basis. And if needed, we can run your entire Costpoint system and be your back office!
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