Guiding Government Contractors, Helping Them Mitigate Compliance Risks, Maintain Credibility and Recover Incurred Costs Manage

Our current government procurement environment is one with multiple layers of regulations; a skeptical government legislative and procurement mind-set in dealing with government contractors, and; an increasingly narrowed interpretation as to how regulations should be applied in awarding and administering government contracts. Today’s government contracting environment requires contractors, small and large, to be fully knowledgeable of contract terms, implement effective controls and systems to guard against DCAA or other agency audit oversight problems, and maintain a continuous posture of self-governance in all contracting aspects from contract award to close-out.

The Redstone GCI consulting team is equipped to guide you in formulating and implementing solutions and firewalls to insulate your company from the DCAA compliance risks that can detract from your company’s credibility and inhibit your ability to recover incurred costs. Our professionals have dedicated their entire careers to understanding the government contracting climate, the DCAA audit oversight approach, and the complex regulations imposed upon contractors, and developing the necessary comprehensive technical skills to mitigate risk of compliance problems and if necessary, challenge DCAA and other agency audit findings through using our thorough knowledge of the government regulations and DCAA auditor techniques.