Our consultants will evaluate your existing internal controls related to specific accounting, estimating, cost reporting, and contracts management systems that are or would be typically held to more comprehensive regulatory benchmarks outlined in the DFARS Business System Rules or otherwise subjected to detailed audits by the DCAA through the Internal Controls Audit Planning System (ICAPS) approach. Business systems for purposes of our evaluation services include:

Our professionals will provide any level of services you request, ranging from a high-level analysis of a specific system to a comprehensive review of all practices, internal controls, and written policies and procedures. A team of specialists will be prepared to develop and implement necessary changes in existing practices and document revised practices with formal company guidelines. Our firm has an extensive library of policy and procedure templates, which, if required, can be used to amend or create new policies/procedures for any business system listed above. We will also provide training to your professionals regarding the applicable regulations, the audit approach, and best practices for maintaining an effective and compliant system. In addition, we can serve as your principal facilitator during any related government audit.

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