Redstone Government Consulting hosts frequent cost-effective webinars on relevant topics for government contractors such as contract compliance and subjects like claims and terminations, business ethics and the DOD DFARS Business Systems Rule. Our training is NASBA certified and these online courses help acquisition professionals stay abreast of government procurement policies and contract audit trends that can impact them.

Online webinars encompass less than full-day, general overviews of selected topics such as current procurement and DCAA events and trends, CPSR guidance, claims, defective pricing, and incurred cost proposals procurement systems. Webinars are designed as a client cost effective training method to deliver summary information on topics of current interest whereby disruption of participants’ work routines and schedules are minimized.

Once registered with us, on the day of the webinar, individual attendees must sign in through Go To Training to participate. When our clients have more than 10 attendees for an event, we offer discounts as well as on-site training, customized for their business.

Check out our training calendar and register for subjects that interest you most, we’ll keep you posted when these events are coming up and we may schedule additional sessions if we receive enough interest at a particular time.

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