The Redstone GCI team has decades of expertise in achieving audit resolutions, and we understand complex audit requirements across all agencies. Our experts provide a proactive approach to audit preparation and execution. Whether this is your first government audit or just the most recent, we can help you prepare for an audit, defend findings, develop and implement corrective action plans, train your team and work with the audit team to achieve adequate, approved systems and other favorable audit results.


  • Pre-Award Audit Preparation – If you are pursuing a cost-type or time-and-material contract, the pre-award accounting system audit is your first hurdle to overcome. Our team has developed cost-effective solutions to rapidly prepare and undergo an audit and can also support post-award ongoing compliance. We have had a zero-failure rate for pre-award accounting system audits for almost two decades.
  • Post-Award Accounting System Audit Preparation – Post-award accounting audits are far more involved and time-consuming than pre-award audits, and our team helps you prepare and keep auditors on track. Before the audit, we can help conduct mock audits to get your team ready and identify weak spots. During the audit, we can help to understand requests and keep the auditor on the right track. If findings occur, we can support the development of corrective actions and help implement changes to your system.
  • CPSR Audits – The Contractor Purchasing System Review is often the first business system encountered after the accounting area. Our team is adept at understanding large and small business purchasing requirements and implementing solutions for adequacy and efficiency. We maintain training courses, policies, and procedures to support audit preparation and rapid implementation of corrective actions to prepare for an audit.
  • Incurred Cost Proposal Audits – Our team prepares, reviews, and supports over 100 ICES-related engagements annually and has a two-decade track record of success. We maintain a cadre of former DCAA experts to assist in audit resolutions. We help our clients prepare for audits through risk identification mock audit engagements. We support final indirect rate negotiation and agreement and are subject matter experts in determining final costs/contract closeout.
  • Property Management System – Our team of experts can assist with the preparation for DCMA PMSA reviews and required internal reviews. We support large and small businesses in developing efficient and compliant property management processes for audit. We offer consulting and training on FAR/DFARS property management system requirements.
  • DFARS Estimating System – We have decades of experience supporting estimating system audits at both large and small businesses. Our team understands estimating system requirements and how to implement them at various service and manufacturing companies. We can help prepare with mock audit services, training, and risk assessments and rapidly develop compliant solutions for an upcoming audit.
  • DFARS Material Management and Accounting Systems (MMAS) – We support the establishment and ongoing compliance of your Material Management and Accounting Systems.
  • Provisional Billing Rate Audits – Our team can help prepare for provisional billing rate audits, offering audit support during the process.
  • DCAA Floor Check Planning – We offer extensive support for DCAA floor checks, such as training and mock floor checks.
  • Comprehensive DCAA Audit Collaboration – Our team assists your organization in all types of DCAA audits, either in the background or as a face-to-face intermediary.

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Redstone GCI has decades of expertise in achieving DCAA audit resolutions and understands complex audit requirements. We provide a proactive approach to audit preparation and execution.