Redstone Government Consulting provides companies with real-world examples of how our team provides consulting and guidance when government contractors are faced with challenges. Our case studies illustrate how the Redstone team offers expertise to lead your team through consulting, training, and review and auditing services. From a purchasing system review to justification for fee revisions in a government contract, these case studies prove how Redstone gives your team an edge in contract negotiating and administration.

Contractor Purchasing System Review CPSR - Redstone GCI

Government Contractor Purchasing System Review Case Study

A Case Study by the Redstone Team

DFARS Case 2012-D042 In this case study: Redstone was engaged to perform a mock CPSR for a multi-billion dollar utilities services company. Read More

Case Study Weighted Guidelines Approach - Redstone GCI

Weighted Guidelines Approach Case Study

A Case Study by the Redstone Team

In this case study: Redstone was able to justify and substantiate, using the weighted guidelines approach, a 7.99% fee for services versus a 6.0% fee as originally proposed by the Government, resulting is significant gain to the client. Read More