As DOD attempts to increase its acquisition workforce including DCMA and DCAA, it appears that contractor purchasing system reviews or CPSRs may be more likely.

The final DFARS Contractor Business Systems rule was published in 2012 and includes provisions for potential withholds which could apply if a contractor business system is found to have any significant deficiencies. Defense and civilian agency contractors need to understand the risks associated with a potential CPSR including the implications of a disapproved purchasing system.

This webinar will address those and include the following topics:

  • Identification of the FAR and DFAR requirements applicable to purchasing and subcontracting,
  • Defining the broad definition of “subcontracts” for purposes of the contractor purchasing systems,
  • Identifying the DFARS business system clause applicable to contractor purchasing System,
  • Defining system criteria applied in a government CPSR (Contractor Purchasing System Review),
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the government purchasing system survey as a prelude to a CPSR.

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