Our consultants help contractors streamline and improve the contracts administration function. Whether your company retains an employed contracts specialist or not, we can act as your contracts administrator or manager on an interim or part-time basis to supplement or augment your internal contracts group. Our consultants focus on small business regulations, change orders, modifications, T&Cs, small business subcontracting plans, Reps & Certs, OCI mitigations, contract close-outs, commercial contracts, and contractor responsibility.


  • Liaison between contractor and contracting officer.
    • Upon your request we will hold any needed discussions or negotiations with the contracting officer.
  • Contractual document review.
    • We can review subcontracts for appropriate terms/conditions and clause flow down.  We can also review prime contracts to determine whether you are in compliance with the contract or assist with contract interpretation.
  • Contract and Subcontract Negotiation.
    • Redstone can assist your company with Government negotiations or subcontract negotiations.
  • Generate Contractual documentation.
    • We can write contracts, CDRL reports, contract briefs, subcontracts, non-disclosure agreements, teaming agreements, etc. as needed by your company.
  • Generate Subcontract and Procurement documentation.
    • Redstone can assist with procurement planning and writing all needed procurement documentation, such as Requests for Bid, Requests for Proposal, Sole Source Justifications.
  • Review of policies and procedures.
    • Redstone can review your contracting and procurement policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulation and best practices.  We can also write policies and procedures for your company.
  • Participation in contractual meetings.
    • We can attend any meetings with the Government or other contractors to assist with contract planning, proposing, or execution.
  • Contract file set up and organization.
    • We can provide a file structure and advice on how to best document your contract actions.
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