Redstone Government Consulting, Inc. is excited to announce the addition of Renee Van Cleve to our team. Renee joins Redstone GCI as a Senior Consultant in the Unanet Implementation Practice Group. Renee worked in both private accounting and public practice as a certified Unanet Systems Implementer prior to joining Redstone GCI. Renee’s prior implementation experience and accounting background serve as an asset to the Unanet implementation team. Her areas of expertise include assisting clients of all sizes and types with a unique and customized version of the Unanet accounting system streamlined to fit their needs. Renee’s knowledge of various accounting software programs allows her to comprehend data migrations and the compliance requirements associated with government contracts.

About Redstone Government Consulting, Inc.

Redstone GCI is a consulting firm focused on fulfilling the needs of government contractors in all areas of compliance. With a singular mission to help contractors through the multiple layers of “red tape,” we allow contractors to focus on what they do best – support their mission with the U.S. Government. We are home to a group of consultants made up of GovCon industry professionals, CPAs, attorneys, and retired government audit and acquisition professionals. From humble beginnings, as a small group of core individuals with a goal of providing DCAA/DCMA compliance and audit support, we have grown to a firm of over 30 professionals, with expertise extending well beyond our initial goal, now supporting compliance needs in most areas of a contractor’s back-office. One thing our clients can be certain of is that with the Redstone GCI Team in your corner, there is no problem too big and no issue too technical for our team to tackle.