Our professionals assist government contractors in meeting the rigorous demands of a Government approved purchasing system.  Our services range from educating clients on Government procurement regulations and the detailed practices required to be CPSR compliant to writing procurement manuals and preparing contractors for a CPSR review.

We provide various levels of CPSR preparation services to Government contractors ranging in size from $25 million to over $1 billion dollars in annual sales to the Federal Government.  The level of services employed is based on individual contractor risk and may include high-level policy review, or more detailed preparation services such as procedure development, purchase file documentation analysis, a mock audit of the existing procurement practice and staff training.


  • Training seminars on purchasing system requirements and CPSR expectations.
  • Review of existing policies and procedures.
  • Preparation and/or revision of all purchasing policies and procedures
  • Review and/or preparation of forms and checklists for use in purchasing/subcontracting files.
  • Review of procurement processes and suggestions for improvement of those processes.
  • Review of various purchasing and subcontract files and suggestions for improvement.
  • In-depth mock audit of policies and procedures, a sampling of subcontracts and purchasing files, interviews with buyers and management resulting in a detailed report and gap analysis.
  • Participation as a liaison between DCMA and client during the CPSR review.
  • Assistance with the implementation of changes/corrective action resulting from a mock audit or review or assistance with implementation of corrective action after DCMA evaluation.
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