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Huntsville’s Redstone Government Consulting, Inc. (Redstone GCI) recently announced the company’s successful relocation to downtown Huntsville at 501 Madison Street.

Redstone GCI is a group of consultants focused on all levels of government contract compliance. The company focuses on dealing with the often confusing laundry list of directions and laws that contractors follow, and helps their clients navigate the various policies attached to each contract.

Courtney Edmonson, Redstone GCI’s CEO, stated that most of the company’s consultants are retired government employees that bring decades of industry experience to their business.

According to Edmonson, Redstone GCI’s move was prompted by the company’s growth.

“When we started Redstone GCI, we were a company of around 10-12 employees that fit perfectly into our old space off of Balmoral. Since then, our business has followed the path of trends in Huntsville. By the time we decided to move, our staff had increased to 30 individuals. We simply needed the space.”

Edmonson added that the downtown location was chosen directly by a poll sent out to company employees.

The new space at 501 Madison also helps accommodate Redstone GCI’s at-home employees. With the new location, increased work space also means increased space for productivity, connection, and technology.

“One of the major benefits are the conference rooms and the increased number of ways that we can continue to connect and collaborate with team members who work from home,” said Edmonson.

“It helps us continue to adapt to both the stresses of the industry, as well as events outside of our control.”

Apart from the added space for their workers and new technology, Redstone GCI’s new location also connects them with the greater Huntsville community.

“Downtown Huntsville reflects one of the most important aspects of our team model, that being collaboration,” said Edmonson. “Many of the businesses and business leaders downtown often collaborate together to help produce what Huntsville has become today. In the same way, the downtown location allows us to participate with the rest of the community, and also gives us more space to collaborate with each other.”

Accompanied by an ever-growing team of staff and managers, as well as next-gen data and software, Redstone GCI offers services for both small and large government contractors, including evaluation, education, training, monitoring, and DCAA audit preparation, to name a few.

For Edmonson, as well as the rest of Redstone GCI, the downtown location offers a vibrant and energetic community.

“I remember a time where, after work ended at 5:00 every day, there really was not much to do in Huntsville. Nowadays, Huntsville’s growth has led to a burgeoning downtown space that offers our consultants more to do on lunch breaks or directly after work,” said Edmonson.

From new restaurants to coffee shops, “downtown Huntsville simply has all that we need.”

When asked to reflect upon how Huntsville’s growth affected Redstone GCI, Edmonson stated that much of their recent success has to do with the success of the community around the company.

“We really do love the fact that Huntsville has grown and that we are now at a central point that will help us collaborate with others on that growth. At the end of the day, we are proud of what the people, workers, engineers, and contractors are doing for Huntsville. Because of them, we have the ability to do what we have to do.”

About Redstone Government Consulting, Inc.

Redstone GCI is a consulting firm focused on fulfilling the needs of government contractors in all areas of compliance. With a singular mission to help contractors through the multiple layers of “red tape,” we allow contractors to focus on what they do best – support their mission with the U.S. Government. We are home to a group of consultants made up of GovCon industry professionals, CPAs, attorneys, and retired government audit and acquisition professionals. From humble beginnings, as a small group of core individuals with a goal of providing DCAA/DCMA compliance and audit support, we have grown to a firm of over 30 professionals, with expertise extending well beyond our initial goal, now supporting compliance needs in most areas of a contractor’s back-office. One thing our clients can be certain of is that with the Redstone GCI Team in your corner, there is no problem too big and no issue too technical for our team to tackle.