Redstone Government Consulting professionals specialize in analyzing the business, accounting, and contracting needs of foreign companies. We understand the unique challenges facing our foreign clients, providing efficient high quality consulting services to both identify and resolve existing compliance issues and mitigate future compliance risks. Foreign companies seeking U.S. Government business opportunities must maintain compliant accounting and pricing systems and business practices to avoid potential penalties, withholdings, and even contract termination that can result from failing to comply with increasingly complex U.S. Government contract requirements.

Our Approach

Our consultants provide practical solutions for implementing and maintaining U.S. government contract compliant business systems using a structured approach to assess your needs, identify potential compliance issues, and develop strategies to address those issues using work plans and compliance checklists tailored to the unique challenges of foreign entities.

We will:

  • Identify your specific issues, concerns and objectives, and determine required deliverables;
  • Obtain a general understanding of your operations, products/services, and U.S. government contract history;
  • Identify consulting resources and technical expertise required;
  • Prepare a detailed proposal outlining our initial suggested scope and expected costs for your approval;
  • Keep you informed throughout the engagement of our progress and findings, modifying the scope of our engagement as needed when issues surface or additional information becomes available.

For foreign entities new to U.S. government contracting, we ordinarily suggest an initial gap analysis of existing business practices for compliance with U.S. government contracting compliance, followed by a more extensive review, as needed, to address any compliance gaps identified. We will work closely with your representatives to develop workable solutions that address any compliance issues while minimizing your costs to the maximum extent practical.

Unparalleled Experience

Redstone Government Consulting has the unparalleled expertise, including over 130 years of senior level DCAA experience needed to address U.S. government contract compliance needs including substantial experience working with foreign entities. Our staff has provided over 6,000 hours of consulting services to international clients throughout the world. Two of our former DCAA managers served a total of eight years in the European Branch Office, auditing foreign entities throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Some of our services to foreign entities include:

  • Gap analysis and compliance risk assessment
  • Developing a compliant cost accounting structure and system
  • Business system compliance reviews and mock audits
  • Policy and procedure preparation
  • Accounting software and ERP analysis and software implementation
  • Cost, pricing & budgeting including assistance with proposal preparation
  • Requests for equitable adjustment, claims & terminations
  • Incurred cost proposals preparation
  • Cost Accounting Standards compliance
  • DCAA audit support
  • Contracts administration
  • Government compliance training

Some of the industries served by our foreign clients include:

  • Military logistics support–supplies, transportation, fuel and mobilization
  • Overseas military base facilities’ maintenance and repair
  • Military field dining facilities and services
  • Warehouse storage of food subsistence products
  • Linguistic translation and data conversion
  • Rotory wing aircraft fabrication, maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Fixed wing aircraft restoration and refitting
  • Arms and munitions procurement
  • Supplies and equipment container fabrication and storage facilities
  • Mobile field facilities construction and relocation
  • Energy development and production
  • Ship design, fabrication and modification services
  • Cybernet security
  • Defense weapons control, surveillance and communications solutions

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