Best Practices for Government Contractors Contract Filing System Training Webinar

This FREE webinar gives attendees a better understanding of how a Contract Filing System helps contractors be better prepared for an audit and to improve their company’s efficiency and data quality by making files accessible and easy to locate. When auditors arrive at your location, you can access documents quickly, speeding up the audit process.

Every Incurred Cost Proposal Needs to be Ready for Audit Webinar

This FREE webinar will offer attendees an overview of why every incurred cost proposal needs to be prepared for an audit. Currently, the number of audits by DCAA is very low, especially for smaller contractors. If you get complacent and overlook things in your proposal, the DCAA auditor could view this as potential fraud. We have some best practices to help avoid this.

OFCCP & Affirmative Action Requirements & Best Practices Training Webinar

This FREE webinar will offer attendees an overview of the Affirmative Action Program requirements of the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and a summary of the various components of a compliant Affirmative Action Plan. This webinar will explain the types of audits performed by OFCCP and provide an overview of the information which must be submitted when audited. Finally, a brief update of proposed changes to OFCCP compliance will be provided.

Understanding Project Setup in Costpoint for Management Webinar

This FREE webinar will offer attendees an understanding of the importance of project setup decisions in Costpoint. Attendees will learn information about project structure decisions, revenue setup decisions and other important decision areas within the project setup. We will also discuss what role each department plays in ensuring that all contractual requirements are met.