Dirty Little Secrets Behind Advance Payments on Government Contracts Whitepaper

Are you navigating the complex world of government contracting? Do you find the policies and procedures surrounding advance payments bewildering? Our whitepaper on FAR 32.4, “Dirty Little Secrets Behind Advance Payments on Government Contracts,” is your guide to understanding these intricate rules.

Deltek Costpoint 8.2 and the Roadmap for Continuous Improvement Webinar

This FREE webinar will offer attendees an overview of the enhancements included in the Deltek Costpoint 8.2 release scheduled for Spring 2024. Deltek Costpoint’s 8.2 release has cool new features and enhancements in Accounting, CRM & Contracts, Planning, Projects, Materials, People, T&E, Reports & Analytics, and more! We will also discuss Deltek’s commitment and approach to continuing improvement, including a new release cadence for updates and enhancements. We will discuss the roadmap for innovations and Deltek’s continued focus on Cybersecurity.

Timekeeping Software Options for Government Contractors Training Webinar

This FREE webinar will offer attendees an overview of the several timekeeping systems for government contractors. Whether contemplating the immediate need for a timekeeping solution or weighing its future relevance, this session is designed for you. Our expert faculty will delve into specific scenarios in which timekeeping is needed, the outputs it can produce, and the essential DCAA-Compliant system requirements. Moreover, we’ll shed light on the potential pitfalls of an inadequate timekeeping or labor distribution process. We’ll also introduce you to at least four distinct timekeeping platforms to ensure you make an informed decision. Equip yourself with the knowledge to make the right choice for your organization.

Best Practices to Prepare for and Successfully Respond to Department of Labor Investigations

In today’s complex regulatory environment, being prepared for a Department of Labor investigation is crucial for businesses of all sizes. This FREE webinar will offer attendees an overview of the best practices to ensure you’re not only prepared for these investigations but can also prepare to respond to them successfully. We’ll guide you through the intricacies of investigations, help you identify potential compliance risks your company may face, and provide strategies to address possible violations and penalties. Arm yourself with the insights and tools needed to confidently manage and prepare to respond to Department of Labor challenges.