The average cost of a compliance or internal audit staff member can easily exceed $150K-$200K per year when you factor in the cost of salary, benefits, equipment and facilities costs necessary for them to do their job. Unfortunately, this cost is a necessary evil of doing business with the government, because the alternative is likely facing a litany of questioned costs and cost withholds as a result of the new DFARs Business Systems Rules. Many companies are approaching our consultants with requests to assist with these functions, and in many cases this results in increased efficiency of internal compliance staff members. We can assist with the development of internal audit plans, to ensure your efforts are focused on the most cutting edge compliance issues your company is most likely to encounter. We can provide specialty expertise and assist with the development of audit plans in areas where you may not have an in-house expert. Finally, we can offer an outsourced solution to encompass the entire internal audit function or specific business system areas.

The 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which granted expanded access to internal audit reports, has given the DCAA greater liberty to pressure contractors for access to internal audit reports and even workpapers. We can assist you in structuring engagements to provide the best possible insulation from DCAA audit pressures by working with your in-house or external counsel to provide services in this area.