For years contractors have relied on the same basic models for the allocation for indirect cost, but in this time of constricting budgets it is critical to evaluate your indirect rate structure to ensure it is providing your company with the highest competitive advantage. Our staff members are experienced with industry norms and can provide your company with a competitive assessment of where your wrap rate stacks up against others in the industry. We also assist numerous contractors annually with revisions to indirect rates to ensure your company provides the most accurate allocation of costs to contracts. Whether it’s an evaluation to see if a new service center model makes sense, an assessment of your overhead structure, development of a shared service or home office model or assistance with the creation of a material/subcontractor handling (value-added cost input) pool, we can help. Our consultants assist companies every day with DCAA audit matters, and are familiar with trends in audit and what is successful when it comes to the allocation of indirect cost. We augment this experience with over 200 years of combined DCAA audit experience to provide our clients with the most objective evaluation of their rate structures ability to be competitive and survive audit by the Defense Contract Audit Agency.