Our consulting group is experienced in working with clients and their attorneys related to government contracts issues either in dispute, or likely to be litigated, services of which often include reviewing company cost and pricing information to ascertain if reasonable advantages appear to be available to the client in resolving the dispute. We can if necessary become qualified as expert witnesses and offer deposition or hearing testimony if required. Our recent experience in supporting clients in litigation has involved equitable adjustment and termination claims; DCAA incurred cost proposal issues, and; damages litigation between government contractors.

As a litigation team member, the Redstone GCI consultant can assist in trial preparation in a number of ways:

  • Drafting and answering requests for documents and interrogatories related to the financial and technical issues
  • Monitoring, evaluating and controlling documents produced during discovery
  • Responding to the soundness of opinions of an opposing expert
  • Evaluating expert witness testimony and work product
  • Participating in the development of the overall case strategy
  • Assisting in compiling numeric summaries for inclusion in briefs, pleadings or motions
  • Offering expert testimony in discovery or trial
  • Developing strategically focused questions for direct and cross-examination
  • Preparing a trial (exhibit) notebook
  • Preparing visual aids

While all of the above activities may not be required in a given legal situation, the primary role of our litigation consultant is to help identify financial and economic issues and to develop the most effective approach to address them.